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Lightning News

Community Resource Guides

This guide contains a list of resources available to members of this US military community. It does not provide exhaustive information about each resource. Instead, it provides just enough information for you to quickly determine what resources are available to serve your needs.

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Courts-Martial Results

Click the link below to view 25th Infantry Division Courts-Martial results

Courts Martials Results

Don't be a BySTANDer! Take a Stand!

U.S. Army Hawaii has launched a new awareness campaign called "Don't be a BySTANDer – Take a STAND!" The campaign provides information about how to prevent potentially dangerous behavior. The ultimate goal is to create an increased sense of safety and well-being for Soldiers, Families, retirees, veterans and civilians.

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Book the 25th Infantry Band

To book the 25th Infantry Band click the link below

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