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25th Infantry Division Sexual Harassment / Assault Response & Prevention

We are responsible for and committed to eliminating sexual assault within the 25th Infantry Division.

Sexual assault is a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and a violation of Army Values. It is intentional sexual contact, characterized by the use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent.

It is our moral obligation to do everything in our power to prevent this crime from occurring.


Prevention begins with the proper training and education of our Soldiers and family members on sexual assault issues.

We must all be prepared to act and intervene when something does not seem right.  If we see a Soldier or family member who is vulnerable,we must act to ensure that person's safety.

We must be especially alert to situations involving the use of alcohol, as many sexual assaults occur when people are intoxicated - both the perpetrator and the victim.  We must moderate our use of alcohol and always ensure that we have friends or fellow Soldiers looking out for our best interests.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of sexual assault offenses are committed by an acquaintance, not a stranger.

We should also be aware that sexual assault is not just a problem for Soldiers.

It affects our family members too, often occurring in housing areas here on Schofield Barracks and elsewhere. We must be aware of our family's surroundings and always provide for their safety when we invite others into our homes.

Protect the most vulnerable in our community, our children.

When prevention fails, we will respond to sexual assault with care and concern for victims, complete investigation, and appropriate accountability for offenders.


Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling the US Army Hawaii SHARP Hotline line at (808) 655-9474.

Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to report offenses, so that sexual assaults are investigated and prevents repeat offenses and the victimization of others.

Restricted reporting.  Restricted or confidential reporting allows a Soldier, who is a victim of sexual assault to confidentially report and receive medical treatment and counseling without an official investigation. To receive a Restricted Report, the Victim can only report to the SARC, Victim Advocate, Health Care Provider, or Chaplain.

Unrestricted reporting. Unrestricted reporting allows a victim of sexual assault to receive medical treatment, counseling, as well as a law enforcement investigation. To receive an Unrestricted Report, the victim can report to the SARC, Victim Advocate, Health Care Provider, Chaplain, Chain of Command or Law Enforcement.


This command will act on all reports of sexual assault. First and foremost, victims will be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect. Victims will have access to medical care, counseling, and victim advocacy.

All unrestricted reports of sexual assault will be thoroughly investigated by the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID).

Furthermore, by direction of the Secretary of Defense, disposition authority for allegations of rape, sexual assault, and forcible sodomy is withheld to brigade commanders. This means that brigade commanders, at a minimum, are required to make decisions regarding cases involving such crimes.

Sexual assault is a crime and will not be tolerated in this Division or the Army.

SHARP Updates

* 80-Hour SHARP Foundation Course Schedule:

Course 717 OCT 15 - OCT 26, 2018. Packets due NLT SEP 15, 2018.

Course 725 NOV 26 - DEC 7, 2018. Packets due NLT OCT 26.

Course 750 JAN 28 - FEB 8, 2019. Packets due NLT JAN 14, 2019.

Course 777 MAR 4 - 15, 2019. Packets due NLT FEB 4, 2019.

Course 787 APR 8 - APR 20, 2019. Packets due NLT MAR 9, 2019.

Course 515 JUN 3 - 14, 2019. Packets due NLT MAY 3, 2019.

Course 532 JUL 15 - 26, 2019. Packets due NLT JUN 14.

Course 557 SEP 9 - 20, 2019. Packets due NLT AUG 9, 2019.

NOVA deadline for D-SAACP credentialing packets: OCT 31, 2018; JAN 31, 2019; APR 30, 2019; JUL 31, 2019; and OCT 31, 2019.

D-SAACP board dates: NOV 2018; FEB 2019; MAY 2019; AUG 2019; and NOV 2019.

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