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2nd SBCT - 25th Infantry Division

1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment

Activated on 1 October 1948, the Golden Dragons motto is “Right of the Line”.

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1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment

Activated on 3 May 1861, the Gimlets motto is “Bore, Brother Bore”.

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1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment

Activated 12 February 1901, the Wolfhound motto is “Nec Aspera Terrent” means: “NO FEAR ON EARTH”.

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2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment

Activated 2 February 1901, their motto is "Suivez Moi" means: "Follow Me".

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225th Brigade Support Battalion

Activated 10 February 1971, their motto is “Warrior Support”.

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65th Brigade Engineer Battalion

Activated 1 October 1941, their motto is “First In, Last Out!”.

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