• 25th Infantry Division Medal Of Honor Recipients

    (By Name, Unit, and Date of Action)

    World War II

    SGT William G. Fournier
    Co. M, 35th Inf.
    10 Jan. 43

    T/5 Lewis Hall
    Co. M, 35th Inf.
    10 Jan. 43

    CPT Charles W. Davis
    2d Bn, 27th Inf.
    12 Jan 43

    T/4 Laverne Parrish Med.
    Det. 161st Inf.
    18-24 Jan 45

    MSG Charles L. McGaha
    Co. G, 35th Inf.
    07 Feb 45

    SSG Raymond H. Cooley
    Co. B, 27th Inf.
    24 Feb 45


    William Thompson
    Co. M, 24th Inf.
    06 Aug 50

    Melvin O. Handrich
    Co. C, 5th RCT
    25 Aug. 50

    CPL John W. Collier
    Co. C, 27th Inf.
    19 Sept 50

    SGT William R. Jecelin
    Co. C, 35th Inf.
    19 Sept 50

    CPT Reginald B. Desiderio
    Co. E, 27th Inf.
    27 Nov 50

    CPT Lewis L. Millett
    Co. E, 27th Inf.
    07 Feb 51

    SFC Donald R. Moyer
    Co. E, 35th Inf.
    20 May 51

    SGT Cornelius H. Charlton
    Co. C, 24th Inf.
    02 June 51

    PVT Billy G. Kanell
    Co. I, 35th Inf.
    07 Sept 51

    2LT Jerome A. Sudut
    Co. B, 27th Inf.
    15 Sept 51

    PFC Bryant h. Womack Med.
    Co., 14th Inf.
    15 March 52

    CPL Benito Martinez
    Co. a, 27th Inf.
    06 Sept 52

    SGT Donn F. Porter
    Co. G, 14th Inf.
    07 Sept 52

    PFC Ernest E. West
    Co. L, 14th Inf.
    12 Oct 52


    SP4 Daniel Fernandez
    Co. C,1/5th Inf.
    18 Feb 66

    CPT Ronald E. Ray
    Co. A, 2/35th Inf.
    19 June 66

    CPT Robert F. Foley
    Co. A, 2/27th Inf.
    05 Nov 66

    SGT John F. Baker, Jr.
    Co. A, 2/27th Inf.
    05 Nov 66

    CPT Joseph X. Grant
    Co. A, 1/14th Inf.
    13 Nov 66

    SGT Ted Belcher
    Co. C, 1/14th Inf.
    19 Nov 66

    1SG Maximo Yabes
    Co. A, 4/9th Inf.
    26 Feb 67

    1LT Stephen E. Karopczyc
    Co. A, 2/35th Inf.
    12 March 67

    1LT Rupert L. Sargent
    Co. B, 4/9th Inf.
    15 March 67

    SSG Kenneth E. Stumpf
    Co. C, 1/35th Inf.
    25 April 67

    SGT Charles C. Fleek
    Co. C, 1/27th Inf.
    27 May 67

    CPT Riley Pitts
    Co. C, 2/27th Inf.
    31 Oct 67

    SP4 Nicholas J. Cutinha
    Co. C, 4/9th Inf.
    01 March 68

    SSG Paul R. Lambers
    Co. A, 2/27th Inf.
    20 Aug 68

    SSG Marvin R. Young
    Co. C, 1/5th Inf.
    21 Aug 68

    1LT John E. Warren, Jr.
    Co. C, 2/22nd Inf.
    14 Jan 69

    CPL Thomas W. Bennett
    Co. B, 1/14th Inf.
    9-11 Feb 69

    SSG Robert W. Hartstock
    44th Pln, 3rd Bde.
    23 Feb 69

    1LT Stephen H. Doane
    Co. B, 1/5th Inf.
    25 March 69

    SSG Hammett L. Bowen, Jr.
    Co. C, 2/14th Inf.
    27 June 69

    SP4 Danny J. Petersen
    Co. B, 4//23rd Inf.
    09 Jan 70

    1LT Russell A. Steindam
    Trp. B, 3/4th Cav.
    01 Feb 70