The Mission of the 25th Infantry Division

On order, 25th ID deploys to conduct Decisive Actions in support of Unified Land Operations. When directed, engages with Regional Partners to Shape and Prevent across the Pacific Operational Environment and strengthen relationships, deter adversaries, and build US and Partner Capacity.

25th Infantry Division Commander's Intent

The 25th Infantry Division will remain the Pacific Theater’s decisive ground combat force from Platoon to Joint Task Force Headquarters. We are ready to rapidly respond to any crisis and dominate any situation. We are reliable—the force of choice—versatile and able to operate in all environments. We are prepared whether the situation requires lethal force, humanitarian assistance, building partner nation capacity or support to civil authorities. We will honor our commitments.


--Highly trained, experienced and bold adaptive leaders

--Soldiers with iron discipline who are mentally and physically tough, masters of their weapons, expert in warrior tasks and battle drills

--Prepared to operate with joint, interagency and multi-national partners—total team players

--Maintenance of a sound moral and ethical foundation which are guiding princlples

--Willingness to take risk and seize opportunities

--Flat, fast and precise communications