3rd Battalion, 7th Field Artillery Regiment



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STAFF DUTY - 808.655.0884

S1 - 808.655.1430

S2 - 808.655.1384

S3 - 808.655.0418

S4 - 808.655.1387

S6 - 808.655.6128

Chaplain - 808.655.5519

FRSA - 808.655.1426

HHB - 808.655.5037

Alpha Battery - 808.655.5076

Bravo Battery - 808.655.5052

Golf Company - 808.655.5879



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  • "Never Broken" Family Readiness Group

Aloha and komo mai (welcome) to the Never Broken Battalion Family Readiness Group.

Our group is made up of all Soldiers and Family Members assigned to or closely associated with 3-7 FA BN. We have a great group of Spouses who are very active when necessary, and when not, we are just hanging out under the Hawaiian sun.

We have a battalion event quarterly, and each battery/company holds meetings and/or events monthly. During training periods and deployments, the activities are structured differently to accommodate as many people as possible. If you are interested in helping with events, activities or otherwise, let your FRG leader or BN FRSA know after you get settled in.

Please have your Soldier complete the family information page received during inprocessing as soon as possible so we can greet you personally. That information is kept by the unit and given only to the FRG leader. It is not distributed otherwise. If you have any questions or concerns please email NeverBrokenFRG@hotmail.com.

We are happy you are joining the Never Broken Battalion and are sure that this is going to be a great assignment for you and your family. Aloha!

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