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Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service (ASACS) 808-655-9944
Advertising on Post 808-656-3153
Aliamanu Military Reservation Library 808-833-4851
Aliamanu Military Reservation Physical Fitness Center 808-836-0338
Aliamanu Military Reservation Pool 808-833-0255
Army & Air Force Exchange Services-Main Exchange (Schofield Barracks) 808-622-1773
Army Career & Alumni Program (ACAP) 808-655-1028
Army Community Service (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-4227
Army Community Service (Tripler Army Medical Center) 808-438-4499
Army Community Theatre (ACT) 808-438-4480
Army Museum of Hawaii (Fort DeRussy) 808-438-2825/2822
Army Substance Abuse Program 808-655-9113
Arts & Crafts Center (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1315
Arts & Crafts Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-4202
Auto Skills Center & Salvage Yard (Fort Shafter) 808-438-9402
Auto Skills Center & Salvage Yard (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-9368
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Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers 808-655-1130
Bowling Center (Fort Shafter) 808-438-6733
Bowling Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0573
Bowling Center (Wheeler Army Airfield) 808-656-1745
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Car Washes & Fundraising (North Region) 808-655-0497
Car Washes & Fundraising (South Region) 808-438-6996
Central Texas College-Tripler Campus 808-292-8476
Central Michigan University-Schofield Campus 808-624-3939
Central Michigan University-Tripler Campus 808-782-1541
Chaminade University of Hawaii-Schofield Campus 808-624-2515
Chaminade University of Hawaii-Tripler Campus 808-840-1025
Chaplain's Office 808-655-8731
Child Development Center (Aliamanu Military Reservation) 808-833-5570
Child Development Center (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1151
Child Development Center (Helemano Military Reservation) 808-653-0724
Child Development Center-Petersen (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-5293
Child Development Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-7106
Child, Youth & School Services (CYS2)-Aliamanu Military Reservation 808-833-5393
Child, Youth & School Services (CYS2)-Schofield Barracks 808-655-5314/8380
Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) 808-438-2560
Commissary (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-5066
Community Relations 808-656-3158
Customer Management Services 808-655-9033
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DEERS Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1757
DEERS Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-4104/6884
Directorate of Emergency Services 808-655-1934
Directorate of Human Resources 808-655-4662
Directorate of Installation Safety 808-655-6655
Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security 808-656-0187
Directory Assistance 808-449-7110
Drug Testing Program Coordinator 808-655-6048/0682
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Education Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0800/0805
Education Center (Tripler/Fort Shafter) 808-433-4182/4184
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Schofield Campus 808-624-2334
Equal Employment Opportunity Office 808-655-9382
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Family Child Care (South Region) 808-837-0236
Family Child Care (North Region) 808-655-8373
Force Protection 808-656-6734
Fort Shafter Library 808-438-9521
Fort Shafter Physical Fitness Center 808-438-1152
Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline 808-655-8121
Freedom of Information Act Requests/Queries 808-655-0107
Fundraising (North Region) 808-655-0497
Fundraising (South Region) 808-438-6996
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Garrison Commander's Office 808-656-1153
Golf-Leilehua Course (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-4653
Golf-Walter J. Nagorski Course (Fort Shafter) 808-438-9587
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Hale Ikena (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1974
Hawaii Army Weekly 808-656-3155
Hawaii Pacific University-Schofield Campus 808-687-7094
Hawaii Pacific University-Tripler Campus 808-544-1493
Health & Fitness Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8007
Helemano Military Reservation Physical Fitness Center 808-653-0719
Helemano Military Reservation Pool 808-653-0716
Human Resources 808-655-4662
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ID Card Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1757
ID Card Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-4104/6884
Information, Ticketing & Registration (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1985
Information, Ticketing & Registration (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-9971
Inn at Schofield (On Post Lodging) 800-490-9638
In Processing Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-8918
In Processing Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-1272
Inspector General 808-656-1598
Installation Legal Office (Fort Shafter) 808-438-6725
Installation Legal Office (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8607
Installation Legal Office (Tripler Army Medical Center) 808-433-5311
Installation Safety Office 808-655-6655
Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office 808-655-0789
Island Palm Communities (North Region) 808-275-3710
Island Palm Communities (South Region) 808-275-3810
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Judge Advocate General (Fort Shafter) 808-438-6725
Judge Advocate General (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8607
Judge Advocate General (Tripler Army Medical Center) 808-433-5311
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Kilauea Military Camp (Big Island) 808-438-6707/967-8333
Kolekole Bar & Grill (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0660/4466
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Legal Office (Fort Shafter) 808-438-6725
Legal Office (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8607
Legal Office (Tripler Army Medical Center) 808-433-5311
Leilehua Golf Course (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-4653
Leilehua Grill (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-1711
Library (Aliamanu Military Reservation) 808-833-4851
Library (Fort Shafter) 808-438-9521
Library (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8002
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Main Exchange (Schofield Barracks) 808-622-1773
Makua Military Reservation Cultural Access 808-656-3158
Martinez Physical Fitness Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0900
Media Queries 808-656-3157
Media Relations 808-656-3157
Middle School & Teen Center (Aliamanu Military Reservation) 808-833-0920
Middle School & Teen Center (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1487
Middle School & Teen Center (Helemano Military Reservation) 808-653-0717
Middle School & Teen Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0451
Military Clothing Sales 808-624-0701
Military Police (North Region) 808-655-7114
Military Police (Pohakuloa Training Area) 808-969-2429
Military Police (South Region) 808-438-7114
Mulligan's (Fort Shafter) 808-438-6715
Museum-Army in Hawaii (Fort DeRussy) 808-438-2825/2822
Museum-Tropic Lightning (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0438
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Native Hawaiian Liaison Office 808-655-9694
Nehelani Banquet & Conference Center 808-655-0660/4466
Newspaper 808-656-3155
Noise Complaints 808-656-3487
North Community Chaplain 808-655-6644
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Office of the Garrison Commander 808-656-1153
Office of the Native Hawaiian Liaison 808-655-9694
Operator 808-449-7110
Outdoor Recreation 808-655-0143
Out Processing Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-8918
Out Processing Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-1272
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Paintball (Outdoor Recreation) 808-343-3929
Pet Kennel 808-368-3456
Physical Fitness Center (Aliamanu Military Reservation) 808-836-0338
Physical Fitness Center (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1152
Physical Fitness Center-Health & Fitness Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8007
Physical Fitness Center (Helemano Military Reservation) 808-653-0719
Physical Fitness Center-Martinez (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0900
Physical Fitness Center (Tripler Army Medical Center) 808-433-6443
Pililaau Army Recreation Center 808-696-4158/6783
Plans, Analysis & Integration Office 808-655-5603
Pool-Aliamanu Military Reservation 808-833-0255
Pool-Helemano Military Reservation 808-653-0716
Pool-Richardson (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-9698
Pool-Tripler Army Medical Center 808-433-5257
Post Exchange (Schofield Barracks) 808-622-1773
Post Housing (North Region) 808-275-3710
Post Housing (South Region) 808-275-3810
Protocol Office 808-656-0615
Public Affairs 808-656-3155/3160
PX Market (Fort Shafter) 808-843-1969
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Recreation Activities & Special Events (FMWR) 808-655-0111/0112
Religious Education (North Community) 808-655-6645
Religious Education (South Community) 808-839-4319
Religious Services Office (RSO) 808-655-8731
Retirement Services Office 808-655-1585
Richardson Pool (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-9698
Richardson Theater (Fort Shafter) 808-438-4480
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Safety 808-655-6655
Salvage Yard (Fort Shafter) 808-438-9402
Salvage Yard (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-9368
Schofield Barracks Library 808-655-8002
Schofield Barracks Pool (Richardson) 808-655-9698
School Age Services (Aliamanu Military Reservation) 808-833-4932
School Age Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-6470
School Age Services (Helemano Military Reservation) 808-653-0717
School Age Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-6461
School Liaison Office 808-655-9818
Sgt. Smith Theater (Schofield Barracks) 808-624-2585
Sgt. Yano Library (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8002
Short-Term Alternative Child Care (STACC) 808-655-8628
SKIES Unlimited 808-655-9818
Soldier Locator 808-655-8245
South Community Chaplain 808-833-6831
Sports Office 808-655-9914
Special Events (FMWR) 808-655-0111/0112
Sunset Cafe (Pililaau Army Recreation Center) 808-696-4778
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Teen Center (Aliamanu Military Reservation) 808-833-0920
Teen Center (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1487
Teen Center (Helemano Military Reservation) 808-653-0717
Teen Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0451
Tennis Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-479-6727
Tripler Lodging 808-839-2336
Tripler Physical Fitness Center 808-433-6443
Tripler Pool 808-433-5257
Tropic Lightning Museum 808-655-0438
Tropics Warrior Zone 808-655-5698
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Veternary Clinic (Fort Shafter) 808-433-2271
Veternary Clinic (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-5889/5883
Volunteer Coordinator 808-655-2400
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Walter J. Nagorski Golf Course (Fort Shafter) 808-438-9587
Wayland Baptist University-Schofield Campus 808-624-4407
Wayland Baptist University-Tripler Campus 808-833-2001
Web (Issues, Questions) 808-656-3153
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Youth School Age Services (Aliamanu Military Reservation) 808-833-4932
Youth School Age Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-6470
Youth School Age Services (Helemano Military Reservation) 808-653-0717
Youth School Age Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-6461
Youth Sports (North Region) 808-655-6465
Youth Sports (South Region) 808-836-1923