2nd Brigade Combat Team


Warrior Brigade trains and prepares Soldiers, Families, and units in the PACOM AOR to conduct unified land operations and theater security cooperation exercises as part of a rapidly deployable contingency response force.


The Warrior Stryker Brigade Combat Team is combat ready, worldwide deployable, physically and mentally tough, agile and adaptive, mission command enabled, maintaining honor and the Army values while building resilient Soldiers and families.


Physical fitness, marksmanship, medical skills, small unit drills, every Soldier a sensor, and movement/communications Every Soldier in the Warrior Brigade must be physically and mentally tough, able and willing to shoot, hit and kill the enemy; able to provide medical aid to save their buddy; dependable member of a team who can execute their team’s small unit drills, and is led by Leaders who understand the commander’s intent and know how to think, communicate, use disciplined initiative and take advantage of opportunities on the battlefield.


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