1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment


Vision and Command Philosophy

1. Vision. A professional, proud, disciplined, fit, and lethal Infantry Battalion; led by competent and inspirational Leaders; built upon highly capable squads and platoons; founded on Army Values and the Warrior Ethos; and committed to solving, succeeding, and winning in any environment.

2. Philosophy. A positive, productive, and solutions oriented attitude underlines this philosophy. Attitude is contagious; its effect is exponential and has a tremendous impact on our minds through all thoughts, decisions, and actions. Expect things to go wrong, challenges become opportunities.

  • a. Leadership. Self-disciplined and caring leaders set the example. We develop ourselves to be physically, mentally, and emotional strong. This allows us to be capable of performing our duties and positioned to maximize our Soldiers’ potentials. The Principles of Leadership endure and guide us.
  • b. Training. We are an Infantry unit. Our readiness is from standards-based, battle focused training. Standards are set, taught, and enforced. Our focus: leader development, marksmanship (shoot), physical fitness (move), communications (communicate), medical skills, and battle drills.
  • c. Teamwork. Cohesion and collective will allows us to endure life’s challenges and to successfully accomplish the mission - solve, succeed, and win. Team work is overlapping and reinforcing, team of teams; Squads, Platoons, Companies, Battalions, and Brigades - with our Wolfhound lineage, our families, the community, and all of our relationships. Together we can do anything.
  • d. Caring. Wolfhounds are caring and self-less; we care for each other, our equipment, resources, Soldiers, and Families. Time, use it wisely and respect it in others. Leaders know their people, what their people do, and how to care for and develop them.
  • e. Ethics. Paramount to our profession of arms is values and a grounded climate. We embed our Army values and the Warrior Ethos in everything we do. Leaders set the example in their conduct. Wolfhounds treat everyone with dignity and respect; remembering we all volunteered and are Patriots.

3. I am honored to be a Wolfhound and to serve with you. Let’s work together, stay positive, and accomplish our missions to the highest standards and in keeping with the Wolfhound legacy.

No Fear on Earth!



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